Rebooting your classroom, school, home or organisation

We understand that everyone is way too busy!

Trialled and tested for 15 years in homes and classrooms, Reboot resources are practical, easy to use, fit with existing programs and are ready made for delivery. Join us in our open training workshops or tailor made packages that ensure Reboot is localised to your needs or sustainably implemented in your school or organisation.

All training is highly practical, engaging and immediately applicable. Individuals, schools, departmental regions and school/organisation clussters can access our:

We are Rebooting Now through:

Whole-of-school programs, training and coaching

Reboot your whole school or organisation with a series of interactive staff workshops and presentations, consultations with key management staff and coaching and supervision for staff.  Contact us to discuss how we can tailor the program to suit your needs.

Staff professional development and training including workshops for individuals or whole school and keynote presentations

Enhance staff understanding of the brain and its relationship with stress and  learning and provide professional development to deepen understanding of the brain and process of learning, stress and engagement and practical strategies to enusre they are working with the whole brain in their classrooms. Contact us to discuss booking a workshop at your school or organisation or head over to our events page to see upcoming workshops for individual staff.

Professional coaching and supervision for teachers, youth workers and all school support staff

When we implement anything new we are bound to meet some resistance or struggle to integrate it into our daily practice.  Often when we undertake training we walk away thinking it was great but fail to really utilise the new learning in our workplace or lives.  We provide ongoing professional coaching and supervision for staff to assist them to develop their own practices and to give them a space to debrief ideas, what worked and what hasn’t and to develop a plan to expand their classroom or practice into a whole-brain learning environment.

Support for parents and carers including workshops, support material and coaching

Reboot also provides parents and carers with an understanding of the Reboot concepts used at school. We run practical parenting workshops and also provide individual coaching and support for parents.
We are supporting families and carers through: