Create Empowered Learning Communities

Reboot creates calm brain-friendly learning environments with actively engaged learners. Reboot shifts the focus from behaviour management to behaviour development, and builds the skills critical to learning success; self-regulation, problem solving, metacognition and learning ownership. Help everyone develop the key social and emotional, and learning-how-to-learn skills needed to be both willing and capable of making the most of learning opportunities.

Schools become places of active learning, healthy and happier communities with active learning attainment.

Reboot’s Whole-Brain 7 Step Framework, 21 Core Tools and Resilient Us staff wellbeing program straddles the false divide between performance and wellbeing. 

Reboot is for every school and all learners, from the most well equipped to the learner struggling with unresolved trauma.

As a common language, Reboot’s tools and strategies straddle the divide between performance and wellbeing and empower learner ownership and the independence to negotiate the learning journey.

Reboot has also been shown to contribute to a reduction of up to 60% of major and minor incidences school wide within a 12 month period resulting in calmer and happier classrooms, more engaged students and less stressed staff. 

Reboot can tailor-make a program for you based on the below:

Whole-Brain Teaching and Learning

Reboot’s 7-Step Whole-Brain Framework is a lens to understand the needs and behaviours of learners of all ages and the best ways to support them to maximise their learning opportunities. 

Drawn from Dr Bruce Perry’s Neuro-sequential Model of Therapeutics, this simple framework is founded on the neuro-metaphor of the 3 Brains. While the brain is infinitely complex and integrated vertically and horizontally, Reboot’s 3 Brains explain the causal-level brain-body state behind our thinking and behaviours and define the conditions necessary to optimise learning. This simplifies the identification of appropriate trauma transformative strategies to address unmet learner needs and developmental trauma.

Reboot addresses the priority needs of the 3 Brains ensuring that we feed the Wild Brain (safety, connection, rhythm and predictability) and then Emotional Brain (positive connections, experiences and positive emotions) to enable access to the fragile Smart Brain centres of higher order thinking, analysis and language. Ideally all 3 Brains have their needs met and work in integrated ways to maximise learning potential. Inspire staff through the neuroscience of learning and wellbeing to bring quality connections, psychological safety, engaging pedagogy, joy, and learner independence into their classrooms.

Reboot’s 7-Step Framework is accompanied by over 125 classroom strategies, student lessons and 700+ additional resources. The Framework is designed to be contextualised and personalised easily to support individuals, educators and families. 

The Skills of Learning success

Reboot’s 21 Core Tools are visually led and process-driven tools that explicitly teach and practice a core life and learning skill. When these skills are assumed, but not yet developed, a learner gets frustrated and can’t make the most of their potential. Reboot’s Tools empower learners with the insight, language and processes to experience learning success. 

Integrating trauma-informed practices, neuroscience, positive psychology, and behavioural science, Reboot’s 21 Core Tools give you a common language, strategies and templates to encourage mutual accountability and learner independence. Reboot’s Tools are designed to be easily integrated into the everyday language and practices in a classroom to enable the repetitions required to translate skills into habits.

Use Reboot’s 21 Core Tools to enhance:

Reboot’s Tools create a learning culture that normalises challenge and empowers active, curious and capable learners seeking to connect and create.

Easy to Implement

We understand the high demand nature of schools and that everyone is already way too busy. Reboot resources are PRACTICAL, fit with existing programs and are ready to deliver. We offer tailor-made packages that ensure Reboot is localised to your needs and sustainably implemented in your school. Our planning support enables you to Reboot with 5-15 minutes of allocated staff time per week.

Resilient Adults

Reboot’s Whole-Brain Framework and 21 Core Tools can be applied in age-appropriate ways to enhance adult wellbeing and performance. Schools are exceptionally high demand workplaces with very unique stressors. In this context learner emotional regulation and resilience is highly reliant on calm, steady and stable adult figures. Reboot’s Resilient Us program supports adult awareness, responsibility and the skills to retain emotional balance and agency. 

Use Reboot’s 3 Brains neuro-metaphor, Reboot’s Resilience Equation and over 60 practical strategies to: