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Welcome to Reboot’s 5 Faces tool and to learn about Self-Regulation. This is one of the most important skills a child can develop. The capacity to know WHAT you are feeling, what you NEED to feel better and RESPOND APPROPRIATELY to a life situation is a key determinant in outcomes socially, personally and at school. Self-regulatory ability is a stronger predictor of long-term school and life success than talent or natural ability. Reboot’s 5 Faces help you to co-regulate with a student to build their ability to self-regulate.

There are many self-regulatory systems available. Reboot’s use of a combination of the simple visual, numbers and words across the span of 5 has proven very powerful. While repetition is key, true student buy-in occurs when the 5 Faces are perceived as a tool relevant and helpful in their lives both in and outside of school.

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