The Reboot 7-step Framework















 1.  Create Calm

Establish a calm and stress-aware classroom by creating engaging physical environments, through ‘brain-awareness’ (neuroscience) and proactively addressing learning and life anxieties.

2.  Connect and Belong

Create healthy relationships, a sense of being valued and belonging at school using secure attachment tools, healthy relationship lessons, team building and developing an embracing classroom culture.

3.  Get Centred!

Enhance self-awareness and empowerment through physical and mental mindfulness. Create a stable, self-responsible class.




4.  Self-regulate

Improve self-regulation through emotional literacy and self-management, co-regulation and explicit self-regulation practices, and by supporting students to identify their needs.

5.  Grow Well

Foster the development of a positive sense of self and possibilities for the future through enhanced intrinsic motivation, problem solving skills, using daily goals and celebrations, addressing fears and building positive mindsets.





6.  Engage and Learn

Engage students through a trauma-informed pedagogy that uses extensive visual cues, narrative and emotional hooks, learning apprenticeships, kinaesthetic methods, stress-aware classroom practices and learning anxiety/ vulnerability management.

7.  Meaning and

Support students to find meaning by identifying their values and what matters to them, and to develop a unique sense of purpose and meaning in life both at, and beyond school.

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This PD was excellent. I want all teachers to learn this to develop empathy and understanding.

Emma Pointe, Success Coach, Flagstone State Community College

I really enjoy each Reboot session I do and have aha moments in all of them, both in my job and in my personal life.

Mandy, Hairdressing Trainer

Excellent for specialist teachers and classroom teachers. Join a revolution of change in our schools.

Mary Foster, Learning Support Teacher, Annandale Christian College