Steady on her feet when I am not there

As much as I would like to, I can’t remove challenge, hurt or confusion from my daughter’s life. These things are inevitable and in many ways spur on our growth and give life richness and meaning. Rather using Reboot tools and language I have given her the gift of self-awareness and the habits of success to cope and thrive in her future life in this very rapidly changing world. I rest assured that though things may, and quite possibly at times will be tough for her, she is well equipped to manage and make the best of her life and learning opportunities. And importantly be a positive contributor to the world. I know she will cope when I am not there to protect and guide her.

As a parent Reboot is a gift to share with your children. It provides the insight and practical tools that address the needs of both children and parents and creates a happier, calmer and more connected home. Make the best of the moments that you have to authentically connect and reduce the conflict and stress arising when you are mismatched and unable to empathise with one another. Reboot language also supports you to proactively create a foundation for discussions when needed at a later point in time. Reboot gives you very PRACTICAL tools and resources to support emotional literacy and self-management, enhance attunement and connection, creatively problem solve and forge positive and mutually rewarding relationships. Reboot is built on:

  • Whole-brain parenting: No child is the same nor any parent, though universally humans all share the same common needs. Reboot’s neuroscience-based 7-step Framework guides parents/carers to ensure they address holistically the needs of children and do not forgot the critical importance of our basic primary needs, including those of routine, predictability, psychological and physical felt safety etc. This simple framework can be personalised easily to meet the unique needs and character of you and your child. Reboot’s whole-brain lens provides a clear understanding of what your child is behaving and feeling certain things and what can be done to address this at a causal level. Whole-brain parenting works for ALL aged children with age-appropriate strategies to address our core needs. This includes us as parents! A happy, healthy parent with their personal needs well addressed is in a prime position to address the needs of their children well.


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  • Fostering the habits of success: Self-aware and self-responsible children have better relationships, greater confidence and are great contributors to the world around them. These are the first critical developmental skills that underpin self-regulation (emotional self-management), healthy relationship practices and problem-solving. Reboot’s simple language and visuals can be easily repeated to build positive life habits in both yourself and your children. Reboot’s tools encourage people to be more self-aware, self-responsible, grounded, compassionately connected, self-regulated and tenacious, problem-solvers, and innovators seeking to contribute. Seed the attitudes, awareness and habits of success into your family culture with Reboot’s easy-to-remember tools.

Are you wanting to develop these habits in your life as well and boost your resilience as a parent? Recharge and Thrive with us.


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Free resource: parenting audit and At the end of our day (connect and reflect tool)

How to Reboot

  • Whole of school/organisation programs, training and coaching
  • Staff professional development and training
  • Professional coaching and supervison (teachers, TAs, youth workers, support staff)
  • Student workshops
  • Support for parents and carers (workshops, support material and coaching

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