Thrive in learning and life

Practical tools to take on any challenge and create the habits of success 

Every one of us can find success in learning and life. But not everyone has the attitude, habits and support needed to make the most of their potential. Reboot empowers us to be both willing and capable of making the best of our opportunities! With Reboot’s 12 neuroscience-based PRACTICAL tools you can foster the habits of learning and life success, create school and home cultures that value engagement and deliver whole-brain teaching, parenting and individual support. Integrate emotional, relational, problem-solving and key learning-how-to-learn skills into the fabric of your daily interactions to create the optimal conditions for learning and growth.

Drawn from multidisciplinary fields Reboot integrates findings from developmental and positive psychology, neuroscience, education and success research, mindfulness and change theory. Reboot’s 12 core tools are trauma-transformative, easy-to-remember and use and work for ALL: all ages, from the most engaged to those at-risk, students, parents and staff. Proactive communication through the common language and strategies of Reboot creates a foundation for both wellbeing and performance. Do you want to see more positive learning and engagement behaviours including the habits of self-regulation, problem-solving, curiosity, gratitude and appreciation, positive relational and collaboration skills, growth mindsets, metacognition and reflection, learning tenacity and resilience? Access our training and resources and partner with Reboot to nurture active, engaged life-long learners who can thrive and contribute in an uncertain world ahead.

99.6% of participants would recommend Reboot training to others

97% of participants have expanded tools and strategies to connect effectively with young people and address disengagement as a result of Reboot training

96% of participants feel more confident in their professional role as a result of Reboot


  • Improves engagement
  • Improves emotional self-regulation
  • Positively influences self-belief and motivation
  • Builds key skills essential to life success
  • Effectively de-escalates situations
  • Energises and inspires staff
  • Encourages learner self-responsibility
  • Improves student sense of belonging and safety
  • Develops positive behaviours

Thank you Sarah, workshops straight after the holidays can be challenging. You were knowledgeable, authentic and engaging - excited to look more into Rebooting and how we can use it to improve our teaching and more importantly the experiences of the young people we support.

Angie, Teacher, Deception Bay Flexi School

Wonderful trainer, wonderful training, great way of learning! I learnt a lot and it is all useful stuff! Thank you.

Matt, Youth worker

As a result of this presentation I feel I am in a better place to meet any situation that may arise in my work with the children. Thanks.

Phillipa Hague - Act for Kids