Reboot for happy, resilient and strong kids

As much as we want our kids to have a smooth and happy life, they will definitely face many challenges. As parents it isn’t our job to solve our children’s problems for them. Rather, our job is to TEACH our children how to be resilient and manage their challenges well. I want my daughter to be steady on her feet when I am not there.

Reboot gives you easy-to-use Whole-Brain parenting tools. Reboot’s simple language and strategies can be used every day to EMPOWER your children to bring their best selves to any situation.

Whole-Brain Parenting

Drawn from Dr Bruce Perry’s Neuro-sequential Model of Therapeutics, Reboot’s Whole-Brain Framework is a neuroscience-based lens that explains why your child is feeling or acting in a certain way.  While each child is unique, we all share a common set of needs.

Using Reboot’s 3 Brains neuro-metaphor gives you not only insight as to why a child is off-kilter, but to know the quickest and most effective way to support them. When we match our parenting to our child’s needs, they feel happy and fulfilled. Great parenting “feeds” the needs of our 3 Brains and makes for great relationships, happy and calm households and kids that are confident and kind.

Life Skills of Kindness and Success

Just like a muscle, our kids can exercise their resilience and kindness skills to be strong and compassionate when things get tough. Reboot’s Core Tools give you everyday practices and strategies that help kids become more self-aware and more self-responsible. Kids love Reboot’s Core Tools: they are simple, visual and process driven. They easily become a part of the everyday language at home. Select from among the 21 Core Tools to support your child to develop key skills and attitudes.

Reboot helps kids

Self-regulate (manage your emotions)
Self-manage (know what they need and how to fulfil it in healthy ways)
Create healthy social webs
Problem solve
Set goals that they can accomplish
Have the confidence to engage in learning and life
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