Life is choc full of Speedbumps and Roadblocks! Ideally, we each have a tool kit, the right help and an attitude that helps us to flip our challenges into opportunities and be an Agent of Change. However, when these core skills, which are essential for success, are assumed but not yet developed, many find themselves slipping into a cycle of despair and survival.

Great support helps young people and families build key life skills that underpin success in any domain and create the “can-do” attitude of an Agent of Change. With practice and support these skills become transferable and an Agent of Change emerges able to conquer future challenges on their own.

We have spent over 15 years working with 1000s of individuals to develop simple, memorable tools that support people to build hope and effect real life change.

Integrating trauma-informed practices, neuroscience, positive psychology, and behavioural science (including the Cycle of Change) we have developed a series of tools that support people to enhance:

Emotional literacy, self-regulation and self-responsibility
General self-awareness and daily self-management
Problem-solving and decision-making skills
Aspiration for change and value for short and long-term goal setting
Positive intention for change and address counter-intentions
Effective goal setting and habit formation/dissolution
Positive relationship formation, maintenance and repair
Address blind loyalties and nonverbal contracts
Resilience and adaptability to change
Healthy coping and help seeking
And support for you and your practice with:
Whole-brain approaches to support and change
Strategies to enhance compassion satisfaction and minimise compassion fatigue and vicarious trauma
While no person is the same, as human beings we all share a common set of needs. When these needs are met, we feel whole and can effectively manage challenges. Reboot’s neuroscience-based 7-Step Whole-Brain Framework is based on the work of Dr Bruce Perry and augmented by neuroscience, positive and developmental psychology, Cycle of Change, behavioural science and mindfulness. Using the neuro-metaphor of the 3 Brains, this framework helps identify core unmet needs and the impact of forms of trauma and chronic stress. This 3 Brains’ lens also provides a clear understanding of the causes underpinning challenging and self-sabotaging behaviour. This simple framework can be personalised easily and support individuals and families to effectively self-manage and widen the window of tolerance.
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