Reboot’s 16 core tools are learner-led transformational social and emotional learning tools. Bright visuals illustrate clear processes accompanied by guiding questions that take the emphasis off adult-driven conversation and narrative.

Reboot helps build awareness, responsibility, and coach everyone to identify their needs, Next Steps and own their choices. It’s so exciting to see young people coach their peers, siblings and even parents and teachers over Speedbumps and Roadblocks.

Social and emotional learning has been clearly identified to significantly enhance social and emotional skills, attitudes, behaviour, and academic performance (Durlac et. al, 2011; Frey, Fisher & Smith, 2019).
Rather than a simple lesson a week, Reboot tools are also used daily for check-ins, problem-solving, managing relationships, building metacognition and understanding of learning, providing feedback, managing tricky emotions and adapting to challenges.
This act of repetition based on choices and actions rather than simple understanding and knowledge leads to real attitude and behaviour change.

Reboot also recognises the extraordinary importance in our rapidly changing world of learning how-to-learn skills and learning power (Claxton, 2002; Crick, 2007). Our young people need to be agile, self-directed, critical and reflective, focused, collaborative and innovative learners.

Reboot tools break down the learning process and help provide metacognitive clarity on where you are at in your learning journey and what is needed next to persist and succeed. With greater self-awareness, responsibility and concrete problem-solving skills Reboot fosters agency and courage.

Self-regulation and self-responsibility: supporting young people to become emotionally literate, contain and manage tricky emotions and respond in a productive way to challenges and stressors.
Problem-solving and decision-making skills: clear framework for problem formulation identifying ideal outcomes, selecting strategies and reflecting on their implementation.
Positive relationships and collaborative working skills: supporting social awareness, empathy, kindness and compassion for others as well as mediation and negotiation skills
Learning how-to-learn skills: supporting metacognition, effective goal setting, positive learning identities and growth mindsets, reflection, strategy implementation, determination and effort, help seeking and feedback.
Resilience and adaptability skills: through self-responsibility and regulation, problem-solving, healthy coping and help seeking.
Mindsight and self-management: identifying personal needs and unmet need to encourage looking after yourself and others, and making the most of your potential.
Desire to contribute: encouraging awareness of the wider web of social relationships and concerns and the value of each individuals possible contribution to the immediate and wider community.
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