Steady on her feet when I'm not there

I can’t remove challenge, hurt or confusion from my daughter’s life. These things are inevitable and in many ways spur growth and give life meaning.

Rather using Reboot is a simple framework with easy-to-use, supportive tools to ensure we meet the needs of our children, and give them the skills to cope and thrive in this rapidly changing world. We can rest assured that when things are though, our children are well equipped to manage and make the best of their opportunities.


While no child or parent is the same, as human beings we all share a common set of needs. When these needs are met, we feel whole, happy and fulfilled and bring our very best self to any situation or relationship.

Reboot’s neuroscience-based 7-Step Whole-Brain Framework gives you a simple guide to holistically address the core development needs of every child.

We use the neuro-metaphor of the 3 Brains. Great parenting “feeds” the needs of our 3 Brains - the “good food” and not “junk food”.

This 3 Brains lens also provides a clear understanding of the causes underpinning challenging behaviour and feelings. This simple framework can be personalised easily to meet the unique needs and character of your child and importantly you as a parent.

A happy, healthy parent with their personal needs well addressed is in a prime position to support their children well.

As a parent Reboot is a gift to share with your children. Reboot’s simple language and visuals help manage challenging emotions, support effective problem-solving and give you a foundation for discussions when needed at a later point in time.

Self-aware and self-responsible children have better relationships, greater confidence and are great contributors to the world around them. Seed the attitudes, awareness and habits of success into your family culture with Reboot’s easy-to-use tools.

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