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Reboot gives you practical, neuroscience-based and trauma-transformative tools that empower young people with self-awareness, self-management and the learning power to make the most of their opportunities. Trialled and tested over 15 years, we’ve distilled big ideas from neuroscience, positive and developmental psychology and mindfulness into language and processes that become a part of everyday interactions. Build positive behaviours, increase the joy in your home and class interactions and help both young people and adults build a tool kit to remain calm, find solutions and contribute positively to the wider community.

Create the optimal conditions for learning, parenting and support using Reboot’s Whole-Brain Framework and help young people own their choices, know what they need and become more willing and capable of taking the risk of learn using our 21 Core Tools. Join us in our face-to-face and on-line training and use Reboot resources to support you with the very essence of great parenting, teaching and support: a love and belief in the power of young people.

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Would you like to feel more connected, have more fun and for parenting to be easier?

Discover Reboot’s simple tools and resources for children of all ages.


Are you looking to empower learners to stay calm, engage and thrive in the classroom?

Discover Reboot’s whole-brain strategies and resources for learners Prep-12.

Supporting Services

Are you supporting others to create sustained positive change?

Discover our practical tools for individual and family support, mental health and case management.

  • 98.9% of 4,500+ participants feel they have expanded their tools and strategies to connect effectively with young people and address disengagement after Reboot training.
  • 99.2% of 4,500+ participants have improved their understanding of childhood trauma after Reboot Training.
  • 98.4% of 4,500+ participants feel more able to identify and address student needs after Reboot training.
Our face to face and online training is considered by participants to be refreshing, honest and immediately usable
  • 98.8% of 4,500+ participants have gained extra tools to support students to create achievable goals and address setbacks after Reboot Training.
  • 97.9% of 4,500+ participants have increased inspiration and passion to continue their work as educators after Reboot Training.

Reboot is easy to implement

Accompanied by over 700 practical strategies

Reboot  Wellbeing Framework

Reboot’s Whole-Brain Framework creates the optimal conditions for learning, parenting and support. Trauma-informed and neuroscience-based, Reboot’s Framework is a simple well-resourced and highly intuitive approach. Accompanied by over 700 practical strategies, lessons, templates, how-to-guides and physical resources Reboot is easy to implement.

Reboot’s 21 core tools are learner led. Take the emphasis off adult-driven conversations using our clear processes accompanied by guiding questions and bright visuals. Reboot coaches everyone to own their choices, discover their power as an Agent of Change and take action leading to real behavioural change.

Everyone’s Wellbeing and Resilience is supported through Reboot’s Whole-Brain Framework as we all share a common neuroarchitecture and needs regardless of age. Using age-appropriate strategies we address young people’s wellbeing needs and also adult resilience and performance. Reboot practically addresses the very unique stressors and demands of consistently caring and supporting young people, in particular those with trauma-related behaviours and needs.

Join us to help young people become

Life is choc-full of Speedbumps and Roadblocks! While some of us become victims of circumstance, an Agent of Change rises to the occasion to flip challenges into opportunities. Reboot helps everyone stay calm in the midst of change, think clearly, find solutions, and contribute positively to the communities around them.

While everyone of us is a potential Agent of Change, we do need the right tool kit, help, and courage in the face of uncertainty. Reboot with us to foster compassionate, strong and connected Agents of Change who use their innovative thinking to create rewarding lives and a happier world.

We acknowledge the sovereignty of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and the ongoing impact of colonisation on the lands of which we live and work. May we together recognise the rich heritage and celebrate the important contribution of First Nation's cultures and practices. We are very privileged and proud to partner with Aboriginal and Torres Strait leaders, educators, parents and communities to work together to help build a happier and healthier Australia for us all.

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